“Men are accustomed to making objective assessments of devastating situations, as long as they are not immersed in them” (Michael D. O’Brien)

Objectivism is any of various theories asserting the validity of objective phenomena over subjective experience; an ethical theory that moral good is objectively real or that moral precepts are objectively valid. Objectivism holds that truth and falsehood are aspects of conceptual knowledge.
Subjectivism is a theory that limits knowledge to subjective experience; a theory that stresses the subjective elements inexperience; a doctrine that the supreme good is the realization of subjective experience or feeling (such as pleasure). Subjectivism holds that truth, in effect, resides only in the mind.

For a subjectivist, a particular statement can be true for one person and false for another, based solely on one’s mental choices, subjective processing, or emotions.

Objectivism is pure truth and pure truth is invincible.” (Ingmar Veeck).