Non-figurative art leaves the matter to the imagination as an element of self-discovery.

Art for me is not only an emotional reflection of reality in an art piece, but also a semantic fullness / value that carries an important message to society.

I am impressed with abstract art, because there is an element of self knowledge and perception, which becomes an integral part of the sensation of the whole context and also the goal of art work. The viewer enters into an equal dialogue with artist when he begins to work with associations and imagination in his free manner of interpretation, perception and subconsciousness. Non-figurative art leaves matter to the imagination as an element of self-knowledge.

Focus on geometric structures and organic textures

Comprehension and dialogue in art, informational content aestheticism – the presence of these elements in an art object brings the integrity and involves the audience in active participation and contemplation. The emotional message in creativity is important, art should ennoble and give food for thought every time you come into contact with.