Kris Auspecs

Art – is a way of life. Once you are really ‘in’, there is no way back because you are seized by love for visual arts.

Graphic designer and artist with passion for geometric structures and organic textures. Was born in Belarus and emigrated to Belgium at a young age. After graduation with Master in Visual Arts degree in direction Graphic Design at Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, in 2015, she worked in media a while till establishing her own Art design Studio in 2019.

My enigma dwells in the everlasting game of light and shadows, presence of color and contrast together with the combination of various materials and texture. I am fascinated by transformation shapes into dynamics and let them move out of flat space. I like to work with the interaction of geometric and organic elements, transforming forms and compiling them into pure abstract compositions.


1 November – 30 November
Solo exhibition “Metaphysical dualism”
Hall of “Antwerp Dollhouse” Lange Nieuwstraat 32, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium.

September 14 – 3 October
Exhibition “Subgen”
Creative project from 2015 of Kris Auspecs (BE) visual artist and graphic designer, opening with a concert of Northwest (UK)
Washboard Art & Jazz Café | Gallery, Brusselstraat 5 – 2018 Antwerp, Belgium